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Welcome to Pegasus Fleet! Please feel free to have a look around our site and simms. If you have a query, our Fleet Admiralty Members or COs will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pegasus Fleet is the proud home of 111 characters serving on 14 ships.

Starfleet's 11th Fleet has a brave history behind it. During the Dominion War, it reinforced the 5th Fleet along the Vulcan border prior to Operation Return, and was thereafter responsible for the protection of Benzar, the homeworld of a key member of the Federation. Unfortunately, therein lay the fleet's destruction, as the Dominion sent a strike force to Benzar with superior numbers after sending a decoy in the direction of Alpha Centauri. The 11th Fleet was overwhelmed and destroyed before reinforcements could arrive.

As of the year 2386, the 11th Fleet was reformed under the unofficial name 'Pegasus Fleet'. Its continuing mission; to explore the unknown regions at the Galactic South, and make and keep diplomatic negotiations with the Federation's neighbours.

The colony of Cestus III has been completely rebuilt since the events of 2267, and the infamed Gorn attack, and has been selected to serve as the headquarters for the newly re-formed Fleet. The location was chosen very specifically; a strong Federation colony close to its allies in the Klingon Empire, and also ideally placed to act as a deterrant to the Tholians and the Gorn - currently neutral goverments towards the Federation - from returning to their former aggressive attitudes. It also serves as a vital stepping stone to full exploring the region of space to the galactic 'south' of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


March 2014 Sim of the Month Winners!
5-Apr-2014     Fleet News
Here are the winners of the March 2014 Sim of the Month! The sim of the
month awards will now be handed out each month following this one and
issued to recognize the great work the CO's and their crews do.

Without further adieu.

Diamond: USS Viper
Ruby: USS Highlander
Jade: USS Tachibana

Congratulations to all our winners!

USS Endeavour Lost - Along with her Captain
18-Jan-2014     Fleet News

As regular readers of the Cestus News Service will know, the Klingon Empire and the Gorn Hegemony have been in a virtual state of cold war with each other for the past few years, and Starfleet has assigned a number of ships to the region between these two powers in order to help preserve the peace.

We bring you news today that one of these vessels, the Starship Endeavour has been lost in this region, and that her captain is believed to have been aboard the vessel at the time of its destruction.

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What happens when you stare to long into the mirror?
15-Jul-2013     Fleet News

During a routine shakedown cruise within the Delta Triangle, along the edge of the Kessik solar system, USS Tokyo appears to have encountered an unknown phenomenon.

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USS Shogun Under New Command
24-Jun-2013     Fleet News

The press is buzzing as a newly commissioned ship receives a new Commander. Questions about his fitness to command arise, having not served as an Executive Officer, but posted last as a Marine. With a change of commission, Commander Yen Ifierti takes the center chair.

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Distress Call From USS Casey
9-Jun-2013     TF11 News

A shocking turn of events in the Sojourner Crisis today as Olympic-class hospital ship USS Casey sounds a distress call in the vicinity of the Cawak Nebula...

Read On...   (164)

Galactic Anthropology Committee seeking Vice Chair!
17-May-2013     Fleet News

The GAC is seeking new members!

Read On...   (161)

USS Nomad Underway
12-May-2013     TF11 News

This morning at 08:00 hrs the USS Nomad departed from it's homeport at Starbase 192 for a training mission.

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New TGCO's Needed
10-Feb-2013     Fleet News

Greetings fellow Commanding Officer's,

As you already know Task Force 11 and Task Force 44 is in need of a new TGCOs.

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Breaking News!
6-Aug-2012     TF44 News
The Federation has a new transwarp tunnel
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A Secret Revealed And A Crew Born
8-May-2012     Fleet News
This is a broadcast sent out every channel, to every ship in the Delta Triangle. This is Gabriel Calaway, formally of Starfleet and the Federation and I send this message with the key to your salvation.
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Abandoned Station Discovered in Gamma Hriolis
7-Feb-2012     TF11 News
The latest press releases from Starfleet Operations have indicated that an ancient space station has been located orbiting a type K5V star in the Gamma Hriolis Sector.
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Starfleet Uncovers Hostile Action In The Thane System
22-Dec-2011     TF11 News
News is reaching us here at the Federation News Network that Starfleet has discovered evidence of aggressive annexing in Galactic South. As this report is written, an expeditionary force out of Starbase 332 is en route to investigate.
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April 18, 2014



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