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Pegasus Fleet is the proud home of 93 characters serving on 13 ships.

Starfleet's 11th Fleet has a brave history behind it. During the Dominion War, it reinforced the 5th Fleet along the Vulcan border prior to Operation Return, and was thereafter responsible for the protection of Benzar, the homeworld of a key member of the Federation. Unfortunately, therein lay the fleet's destruction, as the Dominion sent a strike force to Benzar with superior numbers after sending a decoy in the direction of Alpha Centauri. The 11th Fleet was overwhelmed and destroyed before reinforcements could arrive.

As of the year 2386, the 11th Fleet was reformed under the unofficial name 'Pegasus Fleet'. Its continuing mission; to explore the unknown regions at the Galactic South, and make and keep diplomatic negotiations with the Federation's neighbours.

The colony of Cestus III has been completely rebuilt since the events of 2267, and the infamed Gorn attack, and has been selected to serve as the headquarters for the newly re-formed Fleet. The location was chosen very specifically; a strong Federation colony close to its allies in the Klingon Empire, and also ideally placed to act as a deterrant to the Tholians and the Gorn - currently neutral goverments towards the Federation - from returning to their former aggressive attitudes. It also serves as a vital stepping stone to full exploring the region of space to the galactic 'south' of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


July 2014 Fleet Awards
16-Aug-2014     Fleet News

I was hoping to have new award images for the monthly awards, but they're still in the works. :)
So, without further ado, I present the Pegasus Fleet Sim of the Month Awards (large cheer!)...
Congratulations to the winners!

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USS Nimitz: Legacy
24-Jul-2014     TF11 News
The USS NIMITZ NCC-70911 is finishing up construction at Utopia Planitia. Starfleet has honored the legacy of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, a legendary descendant of the Admiral, Ambassador William C. Nimitz will be joining the ship at her comissioning ceremony. Her new Captain, Lieutenant Commander James Cross had this to say. "Admiral Nimitz had a reputation of being bold, and blunt. He never wavered from his duty, and we hope this ship, will never waver from her duty while all the time saying what the Federation feels, a mission of peace and exploration.

U.S.S. Tesla commissioning celebration date set
17-Jul-2014     Fleet News

With the newest ship in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers being commissioned under Captain Aleksandra Korotskovia, the official Commissioning ceremony has been set for July 20th, 2391.

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USS Niagara has activated it's Auto Destruct!
3-Jul-2014     Fleet News

Vanessa Bloomington here with the Federation News Network. In a troubling development following our coverage of the USS Niagara, my sources from within Starfleet Command have confirmed that the auto destruct sequence aboard the USS Niagara has been activated. Communications with the vessel are still severed and the reasoning behind Vice Admiral Constantine's decision to destroy her ship is unknown. We will continue to follow this story closely as it develops.

Vanessa Bloomington
Federation News Network

Pegasus Fleet Monthly Meeting Postponed.
3-Jul-2014     Fleet News

The Pegasus Fleet monthly meeting has been postponed until July 13 2014 due to the July 4th weekend. The Meeting will take place at the same time in the same venue.

Vice Admiral Veronica Constantine
Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer

June 2014 Fleet Awards
3-Jul-2014     Fleet News
Members of Pegasus Fleet,

It's that time again as we swing into July to hand out the Monthly Fleet awards. For this month we will have another small change as we will add the Admiral's Choice award to the group. This award may not be handed out each month but will recognize a player (not necessarily Admiralty or a CO) who shows a great dedication and stands out amongst his or her peers within the fleet.

Without further adieu:

The following are the recipients of the June 2014 Sim of the Month Awards!

Diamond: USS Vanguard - Once again Rear Admiral Jilrak has posted strong numbers and has kept his crew engaged in the story in addition to ensuring the hard work and effort of his crew is recognized within and by the fleet. A fine example for the rest of the fleet.

Ruby: Astraeus Project - Not far behind the Vanguard was the Astraeus Project. Within it's first month Captain Estabar entered the fleet recruiting 6 new members for his sim bringing it to operational status and posting strong numbers. A great start for a great sim and a fine start for TF 13.

Jade: USS Hephaistos - Another strong month for the USS Hephaistos. Commander Elpis has once again put together a strong term in his return to Pegasus Fleet in addition to tending to his responsibilities to the fleet.

Admiral's Choice Award: Commander Movi Elpis - Touching once again on Commander Elpis, as both a Commanding Officer and a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, Commander Elpis has epitomized all that is expected of a leader in PF and more, through actively recruiting for the fleet and maintain a presence amongst the members.

Congratulations to all on your hard work!

Starbase Zeta's Captain's Log
29-Jun-2014     Fleet News
Your watching a special breaking bulletin on Federation News Network...

...We bring you this amazing story about survivors of a starbase crash, what we are about to play is the commanding officer's personal log that she sent with a skeleton crew on one of the ships attached to the starbase...

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February 1, 2015



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